Cortex® Control System Revitalizes Older Product Lines


Because so many older systems have obsolete control electronics — PCs whose components can’t be replaced — and software that can’t run on modern computers. Plasma-Therm has developed field upgrades for more than 15 of their product lines, with hundreds of systems upgraded globally*. Upgrades are available for Plasma-Therm brands and acquired products from as far back as the early 1990s.

Plasma-Therm's Cortex Control System is a completely intuitive, modern user interface with process control, expanded gas-channel control, intelligent automation, error avoidance, full recovery capabilities, integrated help plus documentation. It all runs on the latest Windows Operating System on field-proven Industrial PCs.

Plasma-Therm uses this same Cortex Control System for currently produced equipment as well as products it no longer produces in the form of field retrofit packages. Once systems have been upgraded, most of these systems from the early 1990s can see a renewed life of potentially decades more of useful productivity.

*Systems included (Takachi™ ICP, Vision™, 790, SLR, 7000, LAPECVD, Corial™ systems, Kayen, Odyssey HDRF™, QuaZar™, Kobus™ F.A.S.T.®, Mask Etcher®, Singulator® 100, Singulator 300, Shuttleline®, Tegal™ RIE, Versaline®, Versalock®). Heatpulse™ RTP and Eclipse™ PVD to be ready for release in mid October 2022.

To speak with someone about upgrading your product with our Cortex Control System, contact a Plasma-Therm representative at


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